A users guide for both men and women
Posted by MEHBOOB on December 11, 192001 at 14:56:05

With the introduction of new drive-thru cash machines, here's

Male Procedure:

* Drive up to cash machine
* Wind down window
* Insert card and enter PIN
* Enter amount of cash to withdraw
* Retrieve card, cash and receipt
* Wind up window
* Drive off

Female Procedure:

* Drive up to cash machine
* Reverse back 1 foot to align window to machine
* Stall engine
* Wind down window
* Enter handbag and remove make-up bag and locate card
* Check make-up in rear view mirror
* Attempt to insert card into machine
* Open door to allow easier access to machine, due to
distance from car to machine
* Insert card
* Re-enter handbag to find cigarette packet with PIN
written on inside
* Insert PIN, press cancel and re-enter PIN
* Enter amount of cash to withdraw
* Check make-up and hair in rear view mirror
* Retrieve cash and receipt
* Locate purse and place cash inside
* Locate cheque book to file receipt
* Check make-up again
* Drive forward for 2 feet
* Reverse back to cash machine
* Retrieve card
* Locate card holder in purse and enter card into slot
* Recheck make-up
* Restart engine and pull off
* Drive for 3 miles
* Release hand brake

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