Be Careful What You Say
Posted by Samantha Lawrence on October 23, 192001 at 11:48:02

Nick came home from his first day of school. He went upstairs to the bathroom to find that his father was shaving. While shaving the father had cut himself and yelled "fuck". Nick asked, daddy, what does "fuck mean. The dad answered, "Oh son, its another word for shaving."

Then Nick went to the kitchen, where his mother was stuffing the turkey and her had got stuck. She muttered "Shit". Nick asked, "Mommy, what does shit mean?" "Oh honey, it's another word for stuffing."

Soon after Nick went up to his brothers room His borhter, not knowing anyone was there, said "Yes I got my condoms." Nick asked, "Brian, What does condoms mean?" "Huh? Oh, ahh, it's another word for coats and hats.

Right then the doorbell rang. Nick ran down the stairs and answered it. It was the father of the church they go to. "Hi Nick, is your mom or dad home" Yeah, but, dad is in the bathroom fucking, mom's in the kitchen shitting the turkey, and oh, can I take your conodoms?

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