Hey you!
Posted by Heshan on 10/10/2001:

There was this pet store and he had a parrot. In walks a couple and the parrot said to the man. "Hey you!" The man said WHAT!? the parrot said "Your wife is fat and ugly." The man got totally upset and huffed and went to the pet store owner and said "Your bird just insulted my wife. It said she was fat and ugly."

The owner stormed over, grabbed the bird, took him in the "back room" shook him him a bit, pulled out a few feathers, got in his face and said "Don't you ever, ever say anything to embarrass any of my customers again. You got that!!!"

With that warning he took the bird and put him back on his perch. The old bird shook out his his feathers and relaxed on his perch. A couple of weeks passed and in walks this guy and his wife again. The parrot said "Hey You!" The guy said WHAT!?" The parrot answered "You know what."

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