If a woman says ..........
Posted by Anon on October 10, 192001 at 17:09:53

1. If a woman says she's fine, it means...
a)she's had a rough day
b)She missed her boyfriend
c)She realised how many people are much smarter than her

2. If a woman says I just don't have time, it means
a) She's avoiding the topic
b) She knows what she's doing
c) She's trying to trip ya

3. If a woman says I hate you, it means
a) She feels distant from you
b) She cares about you a lot
c) She wants to talk about something else other than sports and politics

4. If a woman says get lost, it means
a) you're way ugly
b) She's really concentrating
c) She's upto something

5. If a woman says I have a headache, it means
a) She's trying to make you feel sorry for her
b) She trying to make you forget about the things she said to you just now
c) She's trying to pretend she's done a great deal of work

6. If a woman says you're cute, it means
a) She's trying to get you talking about what you're upto
b) She wants to get to know you
c) She has other plans

7) If a woman talks about her boyfriend with you, it means
a) She's not at all fond of him
b) She's saying how great you'd be if you were mine
c) She's trying to obtain moral support

8) If a woman laughs at you and says I wasn't laughing at you, it means
a) She was thinking about your...
b) She She thinks she's much better than you
c) She wants to ambarrase you

9. If a woman says Honestly!, it means
a) She's trying to hide other lies with the one she just said now
b) She's scared you might figure out what she's upto
c) She is insecure about herself

10. If a woman says I love you, it means
a) You are the only idiot in this entire world who is prepared to take her burdens
b) You will be easy to handle after that
c) You know yourself, you'd fall for it

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