Bin Laden Jokes
Posted by shanika on October 09, 192001 at 18:28:55

what does Osama Bin Laden and George Bush have in common?
Ans: They both think the other one is a terrorist.

What has George bush accomplished so far?
Ans: He spent 30 million dollars so far just to destroy 10 clay huts and 2 camels.

Why is America providing aids to afghan?
Ans: To compansate for the fire works that he's upto right now and the casualties that's going to occur

What's the difference between America and Afghan?
America is 'civilised' whereas afghan is not. In america you have innocent civilians whereas afghan does not.
In America, they prefer a dog refugee than an afghan refugee coz they 'care about pets'
In america you have everything, and in afghan, those people have nothing.

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