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Posted by Ara Soysa on September 27, 192001 at 12:01:45

Behind the Mule-Sack
Ossama Bin Laden's Family, ex-lovers and childhood friends comment about the Man and his Mule-Sack.

Mad About America
A Taliban couple decide to adopt the ways of the American life, only to find that there is no Chinese-take out in Afghanistan.

Hellraise Place
No walls - doesn't matter. A quaint Afghani-neighborhood brings together grenade throwing singles....who fall in and out of love and bed.

E! Wild in Afghanistan
For the first time in their lives the woman of Afghanistan reveal what they are doing under a sheet all day.

Ossam and friends, in a coffee shop with no electricity, discuss their hopes and dreams.which is a show about nothing.

Lifestyles of the Stench and Faceless
Join Afghani-TV as it explores the Taliban way of life.

The Weakest Fink
The Taliban joins as Ossama is proven to be "The Weakest Link - Goodbye."

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