Osama Jokes
Posted by Shivanthi on September 26, 192001 at 11:36:24

Overheard deep within the mountains of Afghanistan:
Where is Osama Ben Laden? He's in the Wit-less Protection Program

We just read that the Taliban law considers kite-flying useless and an obstacle to education. Leave it to a terrorist country to believe you only fly something to kill.

There once was a creep called Ben Laden
He once ruled the squeamish Taliban-en
Until he messed with the States
Now his downfall is fate
And he'll soon be known as the dearly departed.

Osama Ben Laden declares a holy war?
>From which hole?

T is for the times you tried to hurt us
E is for the Evil that implores you
R is for Revenge which you deserve
R is for Reasons America will surive
O is for "our flag was still there"
R is for recovery that we'll restore.
I is for the Ignorance that fuels you.
S is for your leader who is Satan
T is for our towers...they'll be back.

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