women will do anything for it won't they?
Posted by shanika on 9/17/2001:

While playing golf oneday, a young couple hit their golf balls up into the air only to smash two windows in a house near the course. Terribly upset, the couple went to the house to meet the owner and apologize for the incident. Before they even got to the door, a shiek opened the door and welcomed them in surprise.

The couple was stunned to hear that the shiek was infact a ginnie they had freed from his 1000 years of imprisonment in the house. In return for giving him his freedom, the gennie told the couple that they could have anything they wanted.

The couple was really happy and the man asked the gennie to make him the best golf player in the world. With a swift gesture of his hands, the gennie made the man the best golf player in the world. Then the woman asked the gennie to make her a billionaire.

Noticing the young woman's flawless beauty, the gennie asked the couple a favour... He explained how he lived for 1000 years in the house without being able to love a woman, and he asked the man if he would let his beautiful young wife sleep with him for one night. Wondering about the things that the gennie would give them, the couple agreed on this and the woman decided to sleep with the gennie, it was only for a night anyway.

So after making love passionately, the gennie asked the young woman how old she was as they lay in bed.
"28" replied the young woman.
"OH and you still believe in ginnies?" asked the gennie.

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