Similar (or close) languages
Posted by Sri Lankan New Zealander on September 03, 192001 at 08:41:22

New Zealand indigenous people (Mauri) have a wonderful language. But very often Sri Lankan immigrants (especially Sinhalese) experience embarrassing situations when they have to pronounce common place names and street names (in public) that are in Mauri. The reason is that the word "Puke" is being commonly used. Here are some examples for place names.
So, this is the story.
My Filipino friend recently moved into a new house in Pukeora Street. So I asked him "do you know what does puke mean in Sinhalese?" he said "no" and I told him the meaning. He started laughing without stopping for a few minutes and said, "our languages are very close!"
"Because in Philippine language 'puke' means vagina!"

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