Posted by RAMKUMAR on April 12, 1997 at 13:56:18

The Israeli army unit was crossing the desert and most of the men
were on camels. Lt Smith had a very stubborn camel, and finally
it stopeed dead in its tracks and refused to move ahead.
The rest of the unit moved on, leaving Smith along with his
mulish camel. Smith sat on the camel for 3 hours. He kicked the
camel. He pleaded with the camel. He shouted curses at the camel
But the camel woudn't move.
He dismounted and was standing discontendedly at its side when a
woman soldier drove up in a jeep. She asked Lt Smith what the
trouble was and he explained the camel wouldn't budge.
"Oh, I can fix that",she said, jumping out of her jeep. She
reached down and put her hand under the camel's belly.The camel
jumped up and down,up again and then suddenly raced away quite
Lt Smith was astounded. What did you do,lady? What is the trick?
"Its simple, Lt. I just tickled his balls", she replied.
"Well lady, you'd better tickle mine, too, and quickly, 'cos
I've got to catch the camel !!"

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