Posted by Magilin on April 08, 1997 at 14:47:19

One day a DIG had to visit an Inspector of police who lived in a village. Since there were few important people in the village the Inspector was considered most important. Also it was evening therefore the DIG decided to visit the Inspector at home. when he went to the house a servant came out, and the DIG asked for the inspector. Lokuhamuduruwo gedara ne was the reply. Thinking he could leave a message with the inspector's son he asked for him. Podi hamuduruwoth gedara ne was the reply. The DIG was impressed a mere Inspector was being referred to as hamuduruwo. The servant wanted to know if the DIG wanted to leave a message. The DIG thought for a moment. Reflecting upon his superior rank he said the servant: "Ehenang buduhamuduruwo evith giya kiyanna"

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