Surreneder (Sri Lankan)
Posted by chani on April 20, 192001 at 07:34:00

As we all can rememer the black days in sri lanka. This happened end of 1980's .when there were jvp troubles in sri lanla.once a police man was travelling in his jeep. and was looking for any suspected people , those days its regular to see police jeeps on the road, so as he drove by, one man suddenly appear into the road, and as soon as he saw the jeep. he ran in to the jungle.

The policeman saw this, he stop the jeep and was looking for this suspected man , those days it regular to see police jeeps on the road,. and he saw one of the bush were shaking, he pointed the gun to the bush and shouted"surrender" (yatathwenna)and this poor man came out and said "ow sir renda thama giye".

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