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Posted by NIhal on 4/05/2001:

A newly recruited police constable was night patroling on the " Compagna Veediya " (slave Island), suddenly he noticed a van is coming towards Colombo City in extra speed so stopped the van. But the p.c. realized it is so hard to write a complaint because he didn't know how to write " compgna veediya " in sinhala so he let him freed.

Next night he saw the same van was coming to the city high speed , P.C. got into his bike and chased the van to the nearest " malay " street and stopped. He rushed to the driver and asked " what's your name ?" --"-punchi singho " was the reply.

" for the first time I will give you a chance . Don't drive that fast" said to the driver and released him.

In the following day the same thing happened and he was able to stop him in the malay street and rushed to the driver but didn't asked his name.

" Oh,,,, you again.. what's inside ?"

" Mannokka" ( manioc )

The poor police officer released him again.

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