Posted by Thissahamy on 3/06/2001:

A Japanese man came to US and visited NY. He wanted to get his traveler‚s checks changed and went to the Citibank. He gave a traveler‚s check worth of 4000 Japanese yen, and got 266 US Dollars from the bank, he said "thank you" to the beautiful lady who was in the cash counter.

After two days he wanted to exchange some more money, and he went to the same bank, but to a different counter and gave a traveler‚s check worth of 4000 yen and got 220 US Dollars from the bank. This time he did not thank, because he got less Dollar amount. He understood something wrong in the transaction, and he got little mad and told the bank rep:

"I think your calculation is wrong, the other day I got 266 dollars for the same Yen amount from this bank. This is not correct... is that the way you people serve your customers, specially foreigners.?

The counter rep (a lady) said " fluctuation"(sounds like "fuc-u-asian" in American accent).

The Japanese guy got really, really mad and shouted (using Japanese accent)

"Fuc u American too".
He did not ask any more questions.. Left the bank.

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