Goal keeper made the difference
Posted by amal fernando on 2/24/2001:

Tis building is firing, and one women is trying escape from the building with her kid in hand in the top floor of the building. All the people out side the building telling her to throw the kid we all will catch dont worry, but the women(mother)is not sure about the people.

She said No I cant do that. At the same One Goal Keeper(football) said, Hey lady throw the kid, I will surely catch dont worry,because I was one of the worldclass Goal Keeper,Dont worry Throw I will catch him. Now the women thinking I cannot hold this, I have to throw the kid down orelse we both we be burn and die, finally, she decided to throw the kid to Goal keeper and the crowd and threw.

The Goal Haaa haaa everybody go away I will catch him I will catch, dont worry, finally He ran and came close to the kid and caught him(kid), but he never forget his Play, as usual in football match when ball comes his hands will hv to hit sooner to players, As same way he taken the kid in his hand hit into the crowd.

Hooooooooo How this guy is follow the rules and regulation, I mean in football.

Do you like to do same?????????????????????????

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