Printing Mistake (Sri Lankan)
Posted by Nihal on 2/03/2001:

Appuhamy is a rich villageman and doing his business without any knowledge of sinhala or English, only thing he could do is place a thumb impression on documents. His assistant Liyana mahattaya also in same boat but they are doing their business very well.

Appuhamy's only son Dhanapala doesn't like this old fashioned business so he went to Middle East to find some extra money. After some years Dhanapala returned and he brought a fully covered aluminium lorry body to start a new business. But after few weeks he realized the economy of the country is going down and it is hard to start a new business and went back to Middle East.

That lorry body was kept on the large front yard of the house and nobody want to use it. Appuhamy thought this is now useless and he decided to sell this and asked Liyana Mahattaya to put a advetisement on Sunday paper. So.. Liyana Mahattaya prepared a ad like " Ratin gena lorry bodiyak wikineemata Thibe" means Imported lorry body for sale.

The next Sunday the advertisement appeared. The following Monday there was a dozen of womens gathered to Appuhamay's house. Why there was a printing error on the advertisement and it was like " Ratin gena body loriyak wikineemata thibe"

(body is referred to ladies' under garments )

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