Police story (Sri Lankan)
Posted by BATCHA on 2/01/2001:

Once Student leaders of all universities ( they call it ANTHER VISHWA VIDYALA SHISHYA BALAMANDALAYA) organized a meeting at the Public library auditorium, at Town hall. I went to the library on the same day for something else and saw this.

For my curiosity I went inside. Within minutes Cops came and surrounded the building. I was blaming to my self , but nothing to do wait inside. So one cop came inside, checking the IDs and its goes like this..

Which university are you from? Some said Peradeniya..He said you all can go. Agin he said, Which university are you from?? They said Moratuwa. He said go; And some said, Colombo, he said, Go.., Kelaniya, he Said Go. So students mention all da universities in the country and he said go !

I got so curious Talked to da cop "Ralami are you looking for a particular university?" He said Yes I'm looking for a students from INTER UNIVERSITY ( ANTHER WISHA VIDYALAYA) They are the ones who does all theses things.
I said carry on, and left the place immediately..

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