Pavement Joke (Sri Lankan)
Posted by Nihal on 1/30/2001:

Pavement hawkers in Sri Lanka are wonderful charactors. They have strange language and interesting life style. I know so many stories about them.

A pavement guy who sells shirts shouting like a slogan " pita ne.... pita ne.." The instant meaning is " not available for that cheap price". But the real meaning is "back part of the shirt is missing". The one who buys a shirt will realize the actual meaning at home.

One day when I was walking in front of the Ceylinco builing in Colombo I heard someone was shouting " ceylinco.....ceylinco.." I noticed a pavement guy is selling ladies' undergarments.(BRAS)

I asked him why he is shouting like that. He showed me a huge banner in front of the Ceylinco Insurance Co which says " BIG OR SMALL,,, WE PROTECT THEM ALL "

See how nice ?

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