Posted by FRESHA on January 17, 192001 at 09:36:47:

When I was following my bachelors degree at colombo university,I met this Guy called"X' I dont wan'to mention his name. we were freshmen at that time.

Once we were at chemistry lab Mr."x" came to me and said, look "s.." my experiment doesnt work what I should do?/.I just Took a glance at his proceedure sheet. It says Add Magnisium Chloride..add..(now i cannot recall those chemicals its happened in 1993) .add.. this and add that and for better results add DROPWISE..So I said Look, You have to add Dropwise. Go to the proffesor and asked for the Dropwise bottle. He went to the proffesor asked for the dropwise bottle.At that time two other young female Instructors were ther too.

They all said to him look, There is no such a chemical call Dropwise, all you have to do is add those chemicals slowley.. thats what it means. he was so humilated and embarresed, I can still remember how he looked at me with firing eyes.He get to I did that on purpose.

Note: Then he joined the oppsing party backed by Jathika Chinthanaya at uni of colombo.

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