Studious grandson (Sri Lankan)
Posted by Siri on December 21, 192000 at 11:39:20:

A Sri Lankan old lady who was living with her grand son in a village decided to send the boy to Ananda college in Colombo as he was the studious sort. Just before the holidays began she got a request from the boy to buy him a bike.

So the boy came home and noticed the new bike. Instead of doing any studies he gets up in the morning and goes out riding nearly whole day every day. When the grand ma expressed her dismay, the boy said sit down on the door step and watch. He rode round the house without holding the handle bars and said Aachchi no hands. Then he went again without peddling and said Aachchi no feet. Then he said aachchi this time no hand and no feet and started off. Now Aachchi waited for a while but no sign of the boy. So she thought that he pulled a fast one and disappeared and went round the house to have a look. Then suddenly the boy appeared from some bushes saying aachchi no teeth.

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