Jesus' death (U-Rawana) (Sri Lankan)
Posted by Weere from Tissa on December 03, 192000 at 08:49:23

Mr U-Rawana, though a strong Buddhist, enjoyed reading the Bible immensely. One day, after reading the bible, our good friend was visibly upset and this was noticed by his wife too. She was curious to know as to what had made her so upset.

After wiping his tears, Mr U-Rawan explained to his wife the cause of his grief. "see dear....I never expected the end of such a noble personality to be so tragic and miserable. Do you know that he died in a gunny bag?" Mrs U-Rawana, the better educated of the two knew that her husband has blundered somwhere again.

She grabbed the the bible from her husband and began to read it. To her amusement, she found the last sentence therein which read as ".........Thus the Jesus Christ died in agony."
Our good friend had read it as "Thus the Jesus Christ died in a gony" (Gony in Sinhala means gunny bag).

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