Premadasa's fear for HIV
Posted by Nimmi on November 17, 192000 at 14:21:03

One day Premadasa‚s son came to him and said, Dad I can‚t have any fun in here please send me to America for a while. Then Premadasa said son I can send you to America but make sure that you are not going to have sex with any American Women because most of the Americans are HIV infected then the son said dad you know that‚s the only reason I want to go there.

Then Premadasa said

Son the reason i am saying it I know you are having a sex with our cleaning lady and you know that I am snick in to her room every now and then and top of it I am having sex with your mom once every full moon, in case if you get HIV various definitely our cleaning lady is going to get it, if she gets aids it going to pass on to me it‚s not going to be that bad. Then Premadasa‚s son said why don‚t you tell me the bad part

Then Premadasa said, if I get it your mother is going to get it and if your mother gets aids almost ever single person in this country going to be HIV infected. Son just think about it long and hard.

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