New Cabinet
Posted by Upul on October 27, 192000 at 18:39:27

Minister for Industries, another for Rural Industries, and yet
another for Small Industries :-) :-) :-)

SL has geared up for massive development. You can see from the no of ministries the amount of development that is going to take place in the next 6 years.

1. There are two ministers to look after the people who do nothing.

2. There is a minister for Transport and minister for High ways. I never knew that Highways were not used for transport. They could created another minitry for railways.

3. You have a fisheries minister and another minister to looking to the fisheries housing. May be they are planning to implement a Work from home policy for the fishermen.

4. One minister for Mahaweli development and another for irrigation and another for power and energy. Who will look into
the resevoirs which do all three functions. I guess it will be all.

5. There is a minister the Tamils in the North and east what about the Tamils in the other areas. We have to than Prabakaran for killing and chasing out most of the Sinhalese from
North and East else we would have had a ministry for the Sinhales in the north and East.

6. There is minister to look after Buddhist and Muslims What about Hindus and Christians and Catholics. Must be on its way.

7. You have a minister for Shipping a minister for ports and minister for airports. They must be planning to export the
whole of Sri Lanka.

8. You have a minister of Industries, a minister for small industries and another minster for Rural Industries. If you want to develop a small industry in a rural area I guess all three will be looking in to it. SL will reach NIC Status in matter of days. It will be like Instant Soup.

9. Don't know whether they plan to build a new building for the cabinet to meet because the current office may not be big enough. In that case one of the ministers who does not have any work can look into the construction of that building.

Congradulations to all Sri Lankans. "Api Mathi-nita Mathini Apita"

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