Posted by Nelson on January 30, 19100 at 10:33:07

At a Medical Convention, a male doctor and a female doctor started eyeing
each other. The male doctor invited the female doctor for dinner and she
accepted. As they sat down at the restaurant , she excused herself to go and
wash her hands. After the dinner, one thing lead to another and they ended
up in her Hotel Bedroom.

Just as things got hot, the female doctor interrupted and said that she had
to go and wash her hands. When she came back they went for it.

After the sex session , she got up and said that she was going to wash her

As she came back the male doctor said "I bet you are a surgeon"
She confirmed and asked how he knew. "Easy, you are always washing your
hands" he said.

"That's very clever" she said. "I bet you are an anesthesiologist"
"Wow, how did you guess?" male doctor asked.

"I didnot feel a thing" she said.

With kind regards,
Nelli Aiya

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