The Lion's Party
Posted by FRANCIS.R on January 24, 19100 at 09:00:03:

Once upon a time there was a lion in the forest.He wish
to call all the animals for a get together.Then he announced to the all animals,that the king (lion)is
inviting you all for the party.So, every one in the forest were very happy because, that they are going
to have party with the king of the forest.All the the animal in the forest came around six in the
afternoon and ready for the party.First the Lion opened the champagne and started the party.Then every
one started drinking,except the turtoise.The party was going so smooth and very jollyful.But all of a
sudden the lion asked the elephant, what happened to the whiskey and the brandy bottles? the elephant
replied its all finished my majesty.Then the lion said to the elephant I need the bottle right now otherwise I'make
trouble here, said the lion.So most of the animals were planning tosend someone to buy the bottles.but
unfortunately all of them were drunk,except the tortoise.The elephant and the fox were planned to send
the tortoise.At the begining tortoise refused to go.finally its accepted to go.Half an hour later the
lion asked the elephant,"did you send anyone to buy the bottle?" the elephant said yes.Then the lion
forgot it for a while,then an hour later he asked the fox,"did you send someone to get bottles?" the fox
replied yes. All the animals were dancing,singing and having fun.The lion also forgot the bottle topic
for a while. After four hours the lion rememberd the bottle and asked the elephant "did you send any one
to buy the bottle?' The elephant said yes! Then the lion asked its ok,"Whom did you send to buy? The
elephant said the tortoise.Then the lion started shouting in evel words and said "why did you send that
lazy fat fellow? At once there was a noise came and said "If you say so,I'm not going to buy the
Then all the animal started laughing,HAHAHAAHAHAHAAHA

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