Kiri Putha jokes from kandy
Posted by Bots on December 16, 1999 at 17:10:04:

one time our kiri putha applied for the post of gamsabapathi Angoda.....
he visited to the mental hospital there and at the meeting he said
"oyagollo okkoma mata chande denna oonna hodei....?"
one guy who was standing in front of the crowd shouted at him.....
"dhan mehe ayata pissu nahane"


Joke: Kiriputha: Good evening old man. thought i'd drop
in and see you about the umbrella you
borrowd from me last week.

Pasan : I'm sorry, ilent it to a friend of mine.
Were you wanting it?

Kiriputha: Well not for my self but the fellow I
borrowed it from says the owner wants it.


when our well known Kiriputha was three year old boy and Amangaa was a chooti girl they were playing house.
hand in hand, they knocked at the door of a neighbour's house. the neighbour opened the door , smiled and said...
"yes,what may i do for you?"
amanga said, "we're playing house. this is my husband and i'm his wife. can we come in?"
"why of course. do come in", replied the woman. she was so enchanted by the act that she offerd lemonade and cookies.
"Thank you!" said kiriputha and they each accepted cookies and tall glass of lemonade.
A few miniutes later, the woman said, "would you like another glass?"
"No thank yoy", said the girl, Amangaa.
"we have to go now, my husband wet his pants".


1. Our well known kiri putha of Version PLUS @ Kandy
whenever he wanted to meet his neighbours he plays
stereo full blast at 2.00 am.

2. Ricky was annoyed when kiriputha phoned at 3.00 am
and complained "your dog is barking so loudly that
I can't sleep"
putha hanged up before ricky could protest, the
following morning at 3.00am ricky called kiriputha
and said "i don't have a dog"

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