Nalaka@next door jokes from kandy
Posted by Bots on December 15, 1999 at 14:02:43:

One day nalaka's mother called hime and asked " Putha aenda ganda, gamanak yannda..
"at once nalaka ran into his room and tried to lift up his bed.
As it was too heavy he replied "Ammi..mekanam baraine, Eai Aenda geniyanne..?"


Aunty: But why did you drop your baby brother on the floor?
Nalaka: Well, you said he was a bonny bouncing baby, and I wanted to see if
he really did bounce.


Our well known american scholar nalaka had just moved in to a new house
at mawilmada. He wanted to meet his neighbours. He knocked on the door and
was greeted by a young lady, scantily clad and very beautiful.
"Hello", he said, "I'm your new suger, can I borrow a cup of neighbour?...."

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