Wrong Number!!!!!!
Posted by Suganthan on November 29, 1999 at 17:26:13:

Husbend calls his wife at home...

phone rings: the maid answres the phone..

Husbend: Can I speak to my wife?
Maid: I am sorry to tell you this sir, but your wife is on bed with another man
Husbend: Oh my god, maid I want you to do something for me.
Maid: Of course Boss
Husbend: I want you to go down the hall way and open the store room, get the gun and shoot them both.

The good maid she is, she does what her boss asked her too.
After 5 min..

Maid: sir, I have done what you told me too,I fell terible, What do I do now?
Husbend: Thank you, put he bodies in the pool, i'll take care of it when I come back.
Maid: sir, we don't have a pool
Husbend: (thinks) is this 555-3478?

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