Posted by Sweety on October 15, 1999 at 16:25:59:

There was a very disturbed girl who went to highschool. If she didn't like someone you don't want to know what she would do to them. One day
she happened to "not like" this guy, so she invited him over to her house. She invited him as a study date and introduced him to her father
when she got home. Her father told her not to do anything else but study, and she agreed. When she got to her bedroom with that guy, she
quickly pushed him in her dirty underwear closet and locked the door. She kept the key in a safe place and went to school the next day.
On that day she happened to hate another guy and she took him home like the other one. But this time she locked him up in the dirty bra
closet and kept the key in a safe place. The next day she hated this other guy even more and the same thing happened, except she locked
him in the dirty pads closet and locked the door. One year later she opened the dirty underwear closet and the guy was dead. She then
opened the dirty bra closet and that guy was also dead. Finally, she opened the pads closet and the guy was still alive. With a shocking
look in her face she asked him how come you're not dead? He answered her,"Why would I be dead, you gave me all these jam sandwiches to eat."

Thankyou! I'm sorry if I grossed you out.

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