Third Wish
Posted by Iron Man on September 01, 1999 at 01:48:52

A man was sitting alone in his office one night when a genie
popped up out of his ashtray and said, "And what will your
third wish be?"

The man looked at the genie and said, "Huh? How can I be getting
a third wish when I haven't had a first or second wish yet?"

"You have had two wishes already," the genie said, "but your
second wish was for me to put everything back the way it was
before you made your first wish. Thus, you remember nothing,
because everything is the way it was before you made any wishes.
You now have one wish left."

"Okay," said the man, "I don't believe this, but what the heck.
I wish I were irresistible to women."

"Funny," said the genie as it granted his wish and disappeared
forever. "That was your first wish, too!"

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