Mistake (You must know Sri Lankan!)
Posted by Priyal Niroshan on August 30, 1999 at 04:36:33

There is a grade one class in a countryside school in Sri Lanka.
Marisipala is a student of this class and he had a problem with "ha"yanna. When he trying to write "hayanna", automatically he writes "hu"yanna.
One an inspector came to school and he came to grade 1 to inspect children's knowledge.
Inspector said write "parangi hatana" to Marisipala and as mentioned bebore he wrote "parangi hutana".
Then, teacher said "huta makanna!, Marisipala!, Huta Makanna!.
After that, inspector said that he is too small, If you like, I will do it for you.
(note: if you can't understand this "vachana kanapita haravanna".)

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