Modern Day Children
Posted by Rosy on August 13, 1999 at 05:45:16

1. Sex Education

"What did you have in school today?" a father asked his teenage son.
"Oh we had lectures on sex!" was the reply.
"Lectures on sex? What did they tell you?" asked the father aghast.
"Well, first there was a priest who told us why we shouldn't, Then a doctor told us how we shouldn't. Finally the principal gave us a talk on where we shouldn't."

2. The modern child

A man wanted to foster a love for music in his children so he bought them a piano.

When he got home he found them contemplating the piano in puzzlement. "How", they asked "do you plug it in?"

3. City boy in Village.

A little boy was in a village, away from the big city for the first time in his life. He was standing on the sidewalk when an old man drove up in a horse and cart and went into a shop. The boy kept gazing in wonder at the horse, an animal he had never seen in his life. When the old man came out of the shop and was preparing to drive away, the kid stopped him and said. "Hey mister! Maybe I ought to warn you that the horse just leaked his petrol."

4. A Little Girl

Little girl at a fruit store with a banana peel in her hand.

"What is it you want darling." asked the vendor
"A refill" was the reply.

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