Wishful Thinking

Posted by Paul on March 28, 1997 at 15:21:32:

An anthropologist was in a cave when he found a lamp. He thought he saw
something engraved in the lamp so he began to wipe off the dust. All of a
sudden, a genie appeared and exclaimed, "I'll grant you 3 wishes. However,
your mother-in-law will get double whatever you wish for."

The anthropologist was comfortable with that arrangement and said, "For my
first wish, I'd like to have a 40 room house." "Done!!" said the genie and
the man got his 40 room house and his mother-in-law got an 80 room house. >
"For my second wish," said the man, "I'd like to have 1 million dollars in
gold." "Done!!" said the genie and the man got his 1 million dollars in gold
and his mother-in-law got 2 million dollars in gold.

The man thought long and hard about what his third and final wish should
be. Finally, he turned to the genie and said, "My last wish is that you
scare me half to death!!"
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