4th Husband!
Posted by Chandrika on March 25, 1997 at 23:44:54:

A woman goes to see her doctor for a check-up before her upcoming

Doctor: "So I understand you are getting married ?"
Woman: "Yes, this will be number four !"
Doctor: "Oh, really....."
Doctor continues with examination.....
Doctor: "May I ask you a personal question ?"
Woman: "Sure."
Doctor: "I thought you said you have been married before..."
Woman: "Yes, I did."
The Doctor pauses ....
Doctor: "But I can tell you are still a virgin !"
Woman: "Yes, I am. But I won't be soon.."
Doctor: "How so ?"
Woman: "You see, my first husband was a gynecologist, and he just wanted to
look at it. My second husband was a contractor, and he always said he would
get around to it. My third husband was a politician, and he just wanted to
kiss my ass. Well, my fourth husband is a lawyer, so I know I am going to
get screwed !"

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