A man walks into a bar...
Posted by Mottapala on March 22, 1997 at 22:52:36:

A man walks into a bar and orders a beer. After he gets his beer
he calls the bartender, and asks him if he's a gambling man.
"It depends," replies the bartender.
"What if I told that I have $100 that says I can bite my own
So the man takes out his false teeth, and clamps them onto his
The bartender was pretty P.O.d when he saw that, but he still
gave him the $100.
Then the man tells the bartender that it really wasn't fair of
him to make that bet, since the bartender didn't realize that he had
false teeth, so he offers the bartender a chance to win back his money.
He offers the bartender double or nothing that he can bite his own eye
without removing his false teeth.
"Sure," agrees the bartender, thinking to himself, 'there's no
way anybody can bite their own eye.'
Then the man proceeds to remove his glass eye, and bites it.
The bartenders jaw dropped, and he grumbled, and made some
comments about the mans mother and her affection for goats, but he still
paid up.
Then the man says, "I'll tell you what, I'll offer you one more
chance to win your money back, since those were pretty unfair bets."
"How about if I stand on the bar, I bet you that if you slide a
shot glass from the other side of the bar, I can piss in it, and fill it
up, without spilling a drop, before it gets to me."
The bartender agrees, thinking that this guy must be feeling a
little drunk to make such a rediculous bet.
So the man climbs onto the bar, and fumbles with his fly, and
when he's ready the bartender slid the shot glass over to him.
He pissed all over the bar, the bartender, and the bottles and
glasses, but never got a single drop in the shot glass.
With a big smile on his face the bartender sticks out his hand,
and the man returns his money.
As the man turns to leave, the bartender asks him, "I was just
wondering, why would you make a bet that you knew you couldn't win?"
Then the man points to a table in the corner, and says,
"You see those four guys over their? I bet them $1000 each that
I could piss all over you and your bar and you'd be happy about it"

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