Hairy Butt
Posted by Bal Vallah on March 18, 1999 at 06:30:20:

A lawyer is driving in the middle of nowhere and his car breaks
down. After waiting a while, a farmer comes along and asks what
the problem is. Discovering what the problem is, the farmer
offers his home to the lawyer to stay for the night.

Later that night, the lawyer is asleep, and the farmer's wife
comes in his room and wants to have sex with him. The lawyer
says, "No, you're husband will wake up and catch us." The wife
replies, "My husband is a heavy sleeper he won't wake up, I
promise." To prove it, she takes the lawyer into her room where
her husband is butt-naked and tells him to pull one of the hairs
on his ass. The lawyer does it and the farmer doesn't wake up.

Then they go back to the room and have sex. About 2 hours later,
the wife comes back and wants more. The lawyer says once again
"You're husband will wake up and catch us." The wife says, "I
already told you, he's a heavy sleeper. So she takes him in her
room again and he pulls another hair on the farmer's ass and
still the farmer does not wake up. So they go have sex again.

It's almost sunrise and the wife comes back again and wants to do
it one more time before her husband wakes up. The lawyer says,
"It's almost sunrise, he's about to wake up." The wife says "Let
me show you one more time that my husband is a heavy sleeper." So
they go back to her room and he pulls a hair on the farmer's ass.

Just then, the farmer turns around, looks at him and says:

"You can fuck my wife as many times as you want, but don't use my
ass as a scoreboard."

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