The Pig With The Wooden Leg
Posted by Maston on March 21, 1997 at 20:56:01:

The traveling salesman explained to the farmer that he, the salesman, had a full day ahead of himself and that he had a lengthy sales pitch to deliver, but that he was consumed with curiosity about the pig, with a wooden leg, walking around the yard.

"Why does that pig have a wooden leg?", he asked.

"Well", the farmer drawled, "One day I was plowin' up the south forty when that thar tractor hit a stump, reared up on me, rolled over and stuck me underneath. I yelled and I hollered, but nobody heered me - 'cept for that pig! He jumped over the fence, ran 'cross the field, put his shoulder to the tractor, and lifted it jist enough for me to wiggle free. If it warn't fer that pig, I reckon I'd be a dead man today!

"Oh, so the pig hurt his leg when he lifted the tractor", the salesman deducted.

"Nope.", said the farmer. "One night our house was afire and we didn't know it. But that pig! That pig jumped over the fence, ran across the yard, kicked in the door, and squealed so loud, it woke up my entire family and me, and led us to safety through the smoke and flames. If it warn't fer that thar pig, we'd all be daid!.

"Ah Hah!, the pig hurt its leg in the fire.", the salesman concluded.

"Nope.", came the reply.

The salesman couldn't take any more. "Look", he said, "I don't have all day! Why in the hell is that damn pig running around here with a stupid looking wooden leg!!!!!!!!!!!?"

The farmer was taken aback by this unexpected outburst, and meekly asked: "Well if you had a pig that dedicated, COULD YOU EAT THE WHOLE THING AT ONE TIME?"

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