A day in hell
Posted by G-Man on January 25, 1999 at 03:04:43:

A man is driving down the road one day, is involved in a crash and dies. The next thing he knows he is standing in a hallway and he can tell that he is in hell. As he leans against the wall to weep over his plight satan walks up to him.
Satan asks, " What's wrong?"
The man says, "Well, the last thing I remember is driving down the road and getting in a crash, now here I am in hell right?"
Satan says, " Yeah, you're right, but hell gets a bad rap, would you like me to explain?"
"OK" the man says.
Satan asks, "Well you like sex don't you?"
"Yeah!" the man says.
Satan tells him "Monday is sex day here in hell. Hell is full of beautiful women and on monday you can have sex with any of them for as long as want, anyway that you want", satan says.
"That doesn't seem too bad", the man says.
Satan asks, "You like to drink don't you?"
The man says, "well I do drink a little."
"Well tuesday is drinking day here in hell, we have every type of alcoholic beverage ever created. On tuesdays you can drink whatever you want in any quantity", satan tells him.
"That seems OK", the man says.
"Have you ever done drugs" Satan asks?
"Well, maybe a little recreational drug use", the man says.
"Well wednesday is drug day here in hell. On wednesday you can take any kind of drug, in any way that you want, in any quantity", satan says.
"This seems pretty good", the man says!
"You're gay right", satan asks?
"Well no", the man says!!
"OOOH, you're going to hate thursdays" satan says.

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