blew chunks
Posted by G-Man on January 25, 1999 at 03:00:36:

It's 2:30 AM at the local bar and Joe is drunk as usual. The bartender tells Joe that he has to leave and Joe staggers out the door.

The next night Joe comes back in sober. The bartender says "what will you have tonight?" Joe says, "I'll just have a soda tonight." The bartender says, "Joe you been coming in here and drinking for a long time and you've never had just soda before, is something wrong?" Joe says, "Yeah I think I'm going to quit drinking because last night when I got home I blew chunks." The bartender says, "Listen Joe, anyone that's ever drank before has had to much to drink and vomited before, don't let it get you down. Joe says, "You don't understand, Chunks is my dog."

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