Miscelleneous Jokes
Posted by cool 99, TazD, Aaron G.Leach, Priya on January 11, 1999 at 01:38:59:

cork up the ass - sent by: cool 99 - E-mail: vinoth3@yahoo.com

John entered the lockerroom with a cork stuck up his ass.His friend Nick asked him why he had a cork stuck up his ass.JOhn said"Well i was walking along the beach when i saw a bottle float ashore.I opened it and a genie came out.He told me i had three wishes and i could have anything i want.Well triying to sound smart i said no Shit!


Marrage problem - sent by: TazD - E-mail:

there's a man sitting at a bar...drinking drinking and in a really
sad mood.
The bar man ask "Hey mate whats the problem" U feeling ok?
the guy answers, "Hell no, after all those years of marrage my wife left ran away
with my best friend.".
Bar man says " I'm so sorry to hear that mate, so what have u been doing,
these days after she left you"
The guy answer's "Nothing much, looking for a new dog"

*** It is said that dimanods are a womens best friend...
So why the hell is it that man get stuck with a Dog***


Confused Kid - sent by : Aaron G.Leach - E-mail: Sheba2dog@aol.com

Kid walks up to his mother and ask, mom I think its about time I start wearing a bra.Mother replys,SHUT Up GEORGE.


Micheal Jordan Poem - sent by: Priya - E-mail: Prabudeva2@hotmail.com

I like to watch the NBA
I like to see Jordan play
I like the way he shoot the ball
He does it with out a miss or a fall
Slam dinks and three pointers are his style
He simply does it with a smile

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