A Strange story
Posted by Roger Goonawardena on December 16, 1998 at 01:23:28:

This rich old lady has a habit of naming things she owns with the first thing she see in the morning out of her windows or the first thing she steps on on her way to the windows, One day her and her boyfriend decideds that they are going to buy a mansion. Off they go. After she got her 8 bedroom mansion she decides to give the mansion a name so she said to her boyfriend that I am going to go to sleep and wake up in the morning and first thing I see out the window or step on that shall be the name for my mansion! off she goes to sleep wakes up next morning and walks over to the window and looks out the window and sees her boyfriends hairy-butt, so she names the mansion HAIRY BUTT. Couple of weeks passes by and the couple decides to get a dog, and she decides that she will name her dog the next morning same way she named her mansion. Off she goes to sleep and wakes up next morning heads towards the window, on the way she steps on a crack...so she name the dog CRACK.!
one sunny day the dog ends up missing and she looks all over the mansion, and still couldn't find the dog. So she calls the animal control and the officer ask, " Miss, Why are you crying?" So she tells the officer... " Officer, I looked all over my HAIRY-BUTT but I couldn't find my CRACK!!!!"

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