Assortment of Jokes
Posted by thivakar, Anonymous, Roger Goonawardena, thungachi? on December 16, 1998 at 01:22:01:

Donkeys - sent by: thivakar - E-mail:
Three donkeys were walking down the street
one behind the other, the third donkey tells
the other donkeys that another donkey
was coming behind it.How is this possible?

Think first!

the third donkey lied. ha ha ha.

Gay Joke - sent by: Anonymous
Three gay guys go into a bar and start to talk about what they would do if there gay lovers dies. the first Gay guy says, "I'd put his ashes in the mountains because he loves to hike". the second gay guy says, "I'd put his ashes in the ocean because he loves to scuba dive". the third gay guy says, "I'd put his ashes in my Chili so he can rip through my ass one last time."


SPERM Joke - sent by: Roger Goonawardena - E-mail:
What did one sperm say to the other sperm?

We'll never find the egg in all this shit!


Tigger - sent by: thungachi?
Why is tigger's head always in the toilet?

cuz he's looking for pooh!

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