1 sexist joke
Posted by strahinja on December 08, 1998 at 05:54:21:

Three women sailing in the Paciffic ran into a violent storm and the next morning woke up on a small island. After realizing what had happened to them the women go and whip up some fishing poles out of the materilals they had and went to catch them selves some food.One of the women realizing she caught a giant goldfish yelled to the other women to come over.When the 3 women quieted down they could hear the goldfish saying something to them. The goldfish had told them theat she would grant them each one wish if they agreed to release her .The first woman told the goldfish that she wanted to be returned home but to be returned 10 times smarter than anybody alive so the goldfish did as the women wished. The second women said the same thing except she said 15 times smarter than anybody alive and so the goldfish did. The third women said also the same thing but her number was 50 the goldfish realizing this was to much intelligence for a women turned her into a man and returned her home.

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