The Sponge
Posted by Roger Goonawardena on November 30, 1998 at 01:16:54:

One summer spring afternoon little Timmy wanted to use the little boys room, to his suprise when he walked in his mommy was taking a bath and humming away to her suprise seeing little timmy who was only three she tries to cover herself as fast as she could, but little timmy being curious as he was ask mommy,
what is that black mushy thingy just under her belly button, as shocked as she was she replys comly, " now Timmy thats mommy's sponge." That was a reasonable answer for a curious little timmy so he wonders off to his daily activities, The summer rolls around and Timmy was on his way to the little boys room,
and to his suprise he runs in to mommy in the shower and this time something was different to his eyes so he asks, " mommy where is ur sponge?" As shocked as she was she replys, "Timmy I lost it when I cleanded the bathroom last week. timmy sadened by this promises his mother that he would do every thing to
find her the sponge. Later that evening little timmy comes blazing through the door screeming, "mommy, mommy I found your sponge!" As she looked at him dazed and confused, she asks Timmy "where did you find it baby?" Dady and I went to see Mrs Edwards and she started to wash daddys face with your sponge.

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