Lid off of the Jar
Posted by Tommy on March 19, 1997 at 19:44:37:

An elderly couple was discussing their general health when the wife got
the idea that her husband should go in to the doctor to get a sperm
count since that was a test that was not done when he had taken his
last physical.

He thought it was silly, especially at his advanced years. But to keep
peace it the house he finally agreed to do it.

On the appointed day, he and his wife went to the clinic and told the
doctor that they wanted to have a sperm count done.
The doctor thought it was unnecessary also, but since it was a slow
and they were willing to pay full price for the test, the doctor
agreed to perform the analysis.
"Well old timer" the doctor said, "I'll need for you to give me a
specimen. Take this specimen jar and go into the restroom."
The old man, a little embarrassed, did as he was told. First he tried
with his right hand. Then he tried with his left hand. then he tried
with both hands. He even tried banging it on the wall.....No luck so
hecalled his wife for help."Look" he said, "this was your idea so you
going to have to help me". So she tried, first her right hand, then
her left hand, then she banged it against the edge of the table with
success. Finally nearing exhaustion they staggered into the hallway
O told the doctor, "It's no use we can't get the lid off of this

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