Shaved pussy
Posted by luanne on November 01, 1998 at 23:02:06:

A hobo type man was traveling through town. He was
getting kind of tired when he started looking for
somewhere to sleep. People in town told him of
a lady who takes traveling men in for no charge. He
walked out to her house and knocked on the door. When
she answered it he said,"Mam I've been told that you
would allow me stay for the night. I have no money to
offer you. I promise I won't be a problem." With that
she led him in. As he settled on the couch preparing
to go to sleep the lady said that he could sleep with
her as long as he didn't try anything. During the
course of the night he tried to pull down her panties
and she threw him out promising that if he ever came
back she would call the police. The next night he came
back claiming he had nowhere to go and that he would
sleep on the couch. She let him in and he laid on the
couch. TRhe next morning she got up to find her
beautiful white angora cat all shaved. She woke him up
and threw him out again. Promising the cops again. The
next night he returned begging to sleep in the barn.
She thought what harm could he do in the barn so she
let him sleep there. The next morning she awoke to
find her donkey in the barn had been painted green. Before waking up the hobo she called the cops. The
cops came and took him off to jail. The court day came
up and the man was on the stand when the judge broke
out,"Lady I really don't see the harm that this man
has done".The lady said,"No harm,what do you mean no harm? He pulled down my panties, shaved my pussy,and
painted my ass green. What do you mean no harm!"

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