The Poet
Posted by Luanne on October 30, 1998 at 09:05:13:

A poet was walking through the park when he noticed two people fucking on the park bench. He crawled in the bushes and started watching them. Seconds later a cop car pulled up and grabbed the two people in for indecent exposure and the poet in as a witness. The court day came up and the poet was on the stand. The judge said Mr. Poet you are a very popular man and everyone here wnats to know what you saw these two people doing on the park bench. The poet replied your honer they were fucking. The judge said Mr,Poet I won't have any of that talk in my courtroom. That will be 3 days and thirty dollars. Now I want to know what these two pwople were doing. The poet sat there shaking his head and he said your honor they were fucking. The judge said Mr.Poet that will be another 30 days and another 30 dollars. This time I will let you think for five minutes before you answer the question. The poet sat there and he thought and he thought. Five minutes goes by and the judge said!
well Mr.Poet have you come up with something. The poet said Yes ur Honor I have. Well lets hear it. The poet said

"his pants went down, her ass was bare,
his balls went flying through the air,
His prick went in and you know where
and if that ain't fucking you can give me the chair!

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