Good Hunters!
Posted by Bal Vallah on October 29, 1998 at 07:57:10:

A Salt Lake pheasant hunter took his son to Idaho to do a little shooting. But all of the good fields
had signs posted saying "No Trespassing."

Being a good law abiding pheasant hunter, the man left his son by their car and went to the farm
house to ask the farmer if they might hunt in his fields - he assured the farmer that no damage would
be done to his fields or fences.

The farmer said that he would allow the hunting in his fields, if the hunter would do him a favor.
"You see that old horse over there by your car?" said the farmer, "Well, he's old, and he's in
misery, but he's sort of a family pet, and I can't bring myself to shoot him. Will you shoot him for
me?" The hunter agreed, and as he began to walk back to his car he decided to play a joke on his son.

As the man got close to the car his son asked, "Well Dad, can we hunt the fields?" The father
pretended to be angry, and responded, "You know these farmers, they won't let anybody hunt here. It
makes me so mad, I could just...I could just...," and he picked up his gun and shot the farmers horse

Then, to his surprise, he heard additional gunshots behind him. He turned around and spotted his son,
who yelled, "You got the horse...

...I got his dog and cow. Now, let's get the hell out of here!"

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