The (c&a ) Department Store
Posted by izybona on October 19, 1998 at 05:08:58:

There was a businessman from Sri-lanka who had gone 2 U.K. on business and wanted 2 buy his wife a gift and so he went to (c&a) a famous store, while he was strolling around he was wondering as 2 what he should buy 'cause his wife had everything what a woman needed.Suddenly he thought he would surprise her with something she least expected and he decided 2 buy her some panties which were in vouge. He went to the ladies section and asked the girl at the counter 4 something new and she handed over some. He could'nt figure-out the front from the rear and asked the girl to which she said 'Sir'our company policy is to have the trade mark on the items and then he saw 'c' on 1 side & 'a' on the other which was their trade mark (c&a) u got it? cunt & arse oooooops so sorry.

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