The 3 brothers
Posted by izybona on October 19, 1998 at 05:06:58:

There were 3 brothers who were more friends than brothers whose difference of age was 1 year. They all decided 2 get married on the same night and since they were very close to one another, they decided to discuss on how many times they had sex on the first night at the breakfast table the following morning without the knowledge of others by signs which was by applying butter on the bread.Say 4 example if someone had sex once apply butter on the bread once and as planned the next morning they met at the table and brother #1. took the butter knife inserted it on the butter and applied twice, which meant that he had sex twice, brother #2 applied thrice and then brother #3 applied 4 times and then turned the bread to the other side and applied twice. so figure out the perfomance of the third brother. u got it right? did ya?

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